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Come and talk to me before you even book your wedding venue

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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At todays wedding meeting today, the couple mentioned as they are from London and do not have a lot of contacts in the Midlands, they have really been struggling to find really good suppliers and they were underwhelmed by the suppliers that have been recommended by the venue and the vast choice that is on line! I often think I wished couples, came to my studio and had a good open chat about all of the available for their wedding, I love to discuss the flow of a wedding day, challenge the rules and discuss the various suppliers that could add really value to their wedding! Keep in mind we are living in 2015, your wedding can be, what ever you want it to be! I have captured hundreds of weddings and I can visualise the flow of a wedding before the day even arrives! I am from the glorious position of being my own boss, which release’s me to be flexible, frank and speak from the heart rather than “the manual”!

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