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Suzi & Chris’s Wedding at Langar Hall, Nottinghamshire, Midlands

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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Langar Hall in Nottinghamshire is the chosen venue for Suzi & Chris’s Wedding, it’s the first time for me at this venue, which is fantastic, because it gives me a new playground to do my thing! Its fair to say Chris is a man’s man, and upon meeting him its clear, I’m going to have to use my feminine ;@> charms to lead him down the right path, if he wanted some beautiful wedding images, at the end of the wedding, I was so thrilled when he explained what how he really enjoyed the whole experience and thanked me for putting him at ease. I have said it before and I will say it again, “i’m as thick as pig poo, but I do know how to chill people out” I never knew there was a skill in this, or a talent, but if there is, I have it! ;@> The wedding was full of characters, we had loads of banter and I really enjoyed capturing this wedding! Langar’s Venue is beautiful, the orange exterior got me so excited, it’s like some house in France or Spain. I meet lots of staff at various venues and I see and hear what the guests think about their wedding venue experience, and Langar hall was ticking all the right boxes! Suzi & Chris, It was an absolute pleasure capturing your wedding, I know you will love the results! Have a wonderful and happy life together!

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