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Sarah and Jon’s Northamptonshire wedding.

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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Sarah and jon’s wedding was at Highgate House, Northamptonshire. They came across my work as I was photographing their daughters dancing school, and they must have thought… oh he will do.

I have to say, quite often with my wedding clients, there comes a moment where you feel a connection, and you learn a little bit more about their life story… I really felt that Sarah and Jon welcomed me into their story, which made me feel so welcome, and in the process, confident in capturing their wedding day. Alongside myself, the day was documented by videographers, tinbox memories.

I did a pre wedding photoshoot with Sarah and Jon at their family home, as this location meant an awful lot to them.
Highgate House is a lovely location to photograph, and the staff are always friendly, there is plenty of opportunity at this Northamptonshire wedding venue to capture a good variety of wedding images.

I hope you can see, in this wedding couples’ images, their huge smiles, as we did nothing but laugh all day long. In my eyes, this couple approached the wedding exactly right, with fun, humour and contentment.

With the power of Facebook, I am really pleased, I will stay in touch with this lovely couple, as every time my eyes, look over their images, I have a smile on my face.

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