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Pre wedding photoshoot in the blue bells fields of warwickshire

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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After a double wedding weekend, I headed out to meet Kate and Martin in the rain! feeling very tired and old! our first attempt failed as the rain came down, so we headed out for a larger dash and chat about their 2015 wedding, I hope you love these images, a mix of style and fun! we sure had fun shooting them, and its so cool to photograph people that don’t relish the ordeal, but end up absolutely loving the experience! Can I say I love this little set, well i guess this is my blog, so I can say what I want! :@) These woods are about 20 minutes away from my home, and i never knew they existed, I live such a sheltered life! looking forward to many more walks in such a beautiful part of Warwickshire

001 Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A5326
002 Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A5346
003 Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A5361
004 Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A5398
005 Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A5404
006 Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A5430
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