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Marie and Matts’ Mythe Barn wedding.

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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So… off to Mythe Barn we go, as I type this blog post, Mythe Barn have just won best Countryside Wedding Venue in the East Midlands! So a huge congratulations on this!

Marie and Matt met myself at the Wedding venue open day, and they were in ore of my personality and images, either that or they really struggled to find anyone else, so they made do with me!

The love between these two was obvious and during the emotional ceremony, which is always a great sign! Someone was on my side that day as I just managed to get the group shots as the heavens opened!

I can always breath at Mythe Barn because it’s so light and airy here, there is always options, whatever the weather decides to do!

As always, the fabulous team at Mythe Barn made me feel so welcome and Galloping Gourmet made sure everybody had a beautiful meal!

I hope you love this little set of images from their beautiful wedding! If you are thinking of getting married, give me a call, I’d love to look at wedding options and see how your wedding can be stress free and fun!

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