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Leicestershire Farm House Wedding

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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Mathew and Simone’s Country farm house Leicestershire wedding. I was so pleased to be asked to be their wedding photographer
I’m struggling to know where to start with this wedding, it was a feast for all the senses, beginning with emotion, Simone walked into my studio and burst into tears as the dread of being centre of attention and having her image taken! After i’d finished with my bullshit patter she was cured, as three weeks later she had a boudoir shoot! I do expect to see this story in the next revised version of the bible.
Wedding venue was Halstead house ,Tilton on the Hill, Leicestershire. Theme: Peaky Blinders, and oh my, how cool did they look! Guests: Barking mad Couple: Bloody lovely! working with my good friend Daniel Yates Danielyatesfilmswho was capturing the day on video, we are always guaranteed some fun banter when us two unite, its like watching Laurel and Hardy ! We had Matt on the decks, which ensured the guests shaking their ample booties on the dance floor! we also had a beautiful young singer called Megan Carlile, who’s voice was the perfect addition to the ambience of this wonderful wedding! The bunting was up, relaxation was in full spring, The Wedding couple were beautiful inside and out, as for their son, how cool does he look, his speech was so heart felt, courageous and beautiful ! How could we not succeed!

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