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Kirsty and Chris’ Quorn Grange Hotel wedding, Loughborough.

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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I was really excited to be apart of Kirsty and Chris wedding, over the past two years I have photographed their familys’, captured some baby portraits of their new born and then was asked to document their wedding at Quorn Grange Hotel Loughborough,Leicestershire in the East Midlands.

I have to say what an absolute pleasure it was, this couple were an absolute joy, barking mad and ready to have the best wedding they could!

I captured a live stream video of their mothers, after a few sherries, it was hilarious and it’s was so wonderful to see the wedding party so relaxed!

What ever you decide to do for you’re wedding, please take a leaf out of this couples book, and simply enjoy every moment! Your plan should be to laugh from beginning to end.

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