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Grey Lady Newton Lindford

Kelly & Marks Wedding at the Grey Lady in Newtown Linford, Leicestershire

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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I was at the beautiful wedding of Kelly & Mark at the contemporary restaurant of the Grey Lady in New Town Linford, opposite Bradgate park in Leicester. I have known Kelly & Mark for quite a few years, in fact they been there from the early days of my business & I have photographed them & their children a number of times, so I was really happy when kelly contacted myself to capture her wedding day. If I could use their wedding as a template on how to have the perfect day, I would. It was so relaxed from the moment I walked in to find kelly in her Union Jack onesie & I treated everyone to cold coffee, because i didn’t wait long enough for the Kettle to boil, right the way to the end after some wonderful tunes, despite watching some air guitaring to Bon Jovi, it was wonderful to see a packed dance floor. The wedding was a mix of loving families & fabulous friends, we were all treated to the fabulous sounds of George Simpson, who gained a few extra fans during his musical set, again George is a customer of mine from the recent past, I photographed his southport wedding to to the beautiful Soni, along with his Album cover, that can be purchased on itunes ;@> He even managed to coax the sun out, so all the guests could bask in the beautifully peaceful surroundings of this contemporary wedding venue. If you are looking for a new eating house, for that sunday family dinner or treat, take a trip out to New Town Linford & make sure you check it out, sample some of the sumptuous food and friendly service and soak in the ambient warm atmosphere of the Grey Lady. Kelly and Mark have been together for a number of years & have between them, some wonderful children, it would be amiss of me not to mention what a credit they are to them, in fact it wouldn’t be an understatement to say they were a credit to their generation, I just wished I had half the energy they had, especially the boys that played around 6 hours of football (not a gadget in sight) I would also like to thank the kind Gentleman that brought me a JD & coke, to go with my freshly battered fish and chips as i soaked in the last rays of the warm sun. Kelly & Mark you pulled off a stunning wedding and I’m proud you chose myself to capture it, you are a wonderful, loving couple & here are some of my favourite images of you two to prove what a perfect match you are, I wish you and your family a life time of happiness & love.

Grey Lady Newton Lindford Grey Lady Newton Lindford Grey Lady Newton Lindford
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