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Jenny & Joe’s Leicestershire Wedding at Halstead House

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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Jenny & Joe’s Wedding March Wedding stated off at Oadby Baptist Church then onto Halstead House at Tilton on the Hill in Leicestershire for their Wedding reception! We were blessed with a lovely spring day, It was nice to see to be back at Halstead House, I was sad not to see my little Sheep dog friend, but I’m hoping he was resting inside the farm house! Time was a little tight for the portrait images, but Halstead House is the perfect location for me to do my thing! Im a big believer in letting couple soak in their Wedding day, instead of being in front of a camera for very long! Jenny & Joe were very relaxed and content for the wedding to simply flow! After a beautiful Baptist Wedding services, they had a vintage cream tea in the Leicestershire Church hall! Then made their way to the Wedding venue to complete their wonderful Wedding story!

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