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Darren & Eileen at Colwick hall, Nottinghamshire

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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So off we go to Colwick Hall in Nottinghamshire for the Wedding of Darren & Eileen, Now this wedding came via some fab friends of ours that have always shouted my corner, so a big thank you to them!
I have to say Eileen is a little dark horse, when I first met her, it took me a while to find out who the real Eileen was, in a nut shell she scared me, not in a bad way, I just get intimidated my confident women lol, (not sure if LOL should be used in a wedding blog, but this is my blog so what the heck!) as the day flowed the child like, cheeky Eileen, came out to play, quite quickly actually, making the day an absolute joy to capture, I loved Eileen because she was passionate about the architecture of Colwick Hall, I to love the curves and shapes of buildings, they really help me to make some fab images! So we move onto Darren, who like his brother and best man stated was the “looker” he was fantastic throughout the day, but I have to say, the highlight for me was when he entered the dance floor for his first dance wearing the suit he wore on his stag do, it was brilliant, certainly the most colourful first dance I have ever seen, Eileen and Darren it was a pleasure capturing you’re wedding at Colwick Hall, in Nottinghamshire, I really hope you love the results! Make sure you always look after each other and have a little date night, once a month!

 Colwick Hall Nottingham  Colwick Hall Nottingham  Colwick Hall Nottingham  Colwick Hall Nottingham  Colwick Hall Nottingham  Colwick Hall Nottingham
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