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Chrystal and Joe’s Midlands wedding at The City Rooms Leicester

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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This word for me sums up stunning weddings, moments of pure love, moments of tears, moments of pure laughter, moments of embarrassment, moments of images coming together of family and friends, grabbing that drink and making the moments that make you feel alive! Was it the bridesmaid that pinned me down after too many drinks that made me feel this way, was it the Best man, slipping on the bride’s veil yanking her head back and making him fly across the ceremony room while trying to hand over the wedding rings, was it the singing waiter going way way way over the top, but absolutely making me feel like I’ve lived! or was it the absolute besotted love shared between Chrystal and Joe (the Bride and Groom). They already had the ingredients, they had me for God’s sake ;@> With Daniel capturing the atmosphere on video, Matt doing a stunning job on the music! I would recommend these guys for simply being absolute processionals in their area and do their job in such a relaxed way! The City Rooms in Leicestershire, Hats off to you and your team, for all your hard work! Your stunning venue gave us such a beautiful backdrop! Hats off to the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen that had wonderful spirits, you guys rocked! Best Man AKA Bambi, you did an amazing job, you were spot on! As For the Bride and Groom, your kindness and love was the talk of the day, thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding, as it really has energised and filled my camp fat face with a smile!

Daniel Yates Films Dancefloor-djs-events The City Rooms

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