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Chesterton Windmill in Warwick

Chesterton Windmill in Warwick

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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Its coming to that time of year, where I question everything, myself, my customers and my business, with so many influences out there from all over the world! From the stunning documentary wedding photographers that capture emotion and atmosphere, to the creatives that use every gadget under the sun to create Jaw dropping wedding images right the way through to the trend followers, that at the moment crave the vintage look. So who am I ? Im a mix of all these, I see the quality and value to them all! Im here to capture emotion in its raw format, but also love to get creative and produce images that have the WOW factor! I have a plan in hand to assist in this endeavour as after 47 full weddings this year, its important to keep my enthusiasm at the top of my agenda, this is so important to my clients, myself but above all my poor family! My rule has always been for families to have the best day ever & my past clients and guest will testify, that that I go above and beyond to make sure this happens!
So onto this image, the couple had a two day wedding in warwickshire, starting in warwick centre than off to the botanical gardens in Royal Leamington Spa, then finishing at Chesterton Windmill in Warwick, these type of images can only happen with pre planning, time and a little bit of luck with our English weather, The wind and rain at the top of this Hill was something else, but I hope you agree that the effort was more than worth the wet, wind swept look and squashed flash light!

Chesterton Windmill in Warwick
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