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Cathy and Graham’s Ansty Hall Wedding in Coventry, Warwickshire.

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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Now… this wedding was always going to be fun. The Brides’ parents are friends and neighbours of ours, and if I’m being totally honest, they live on the rough side of the street and I felt obliged to capture their daughters wedding, fearing retribution if I declined!

Cathy and Graham Chose Ansty Hall in Coventry, Warwickshire for they’re Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Breakfast!

The Bride and Groom would admit to being quiet and the kind of people that do not look for the limelight, unlike myself!

It was the perfect family wedding, full of emotion and love. For my part, I absolutely loved capturing it! To see the brides’ dad fill with emotion at seeing his favourite daughter getting married ;@> To then see the Grandparents sharing a moment together, really makes me love this chosen career!

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