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A Little Thank you from A Hothorpe Hall Woodlands Wedding

Posted on by Lee Glasgow
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Lee Glasgow Photography:

”Lee is a Legend”………………21 year old Nephew

“Lee is amazing, he was my favourite man at the wedding”…………6 year old niece.

” I thought Lee was a professional photographer, family friend”………said by many guests throughout the day.

Lee is a unique photographer who works magic, not only with his camera but also with his charisma and personality. He creates an immediate rapport with everyone he meets, young and old and consequently people are at ease and give their best pictures. This talent creates beautiful photographs with depth, meaning and great laughter.

Our wedding photographs radiate happiness, love and fun throughout the entire day. He must also be considerably fit as it appears from our photographs that he was here,there and everywhere capturing poignant moments.

I cannot praise Lee enough as our Wedding photographer. He has created life long memories of a very special nature. Almost every guest commented on our excellent choice and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

Denise Reid

Family Portraits